A disruptive virtual reality experience

Henrietta VR headset

El 48 is being produced with Glenda Umaña Productions and UXRTech, in close partnership with the National Museum of Costa Rica.

More than an experience, it’s a kind of time-traveling state of mind. A shared memory of a pivotal period that offers you the freedom to witness the moment when critical decisions were made in history. To feel it. Hear it. And connect with other people experiencing the same moment together.

Inspired by First Lady of the Revolution, the project recreates the moment President Figueres struck the wall of the Cuartel Bellavista and officially dismantled the Costa Rican military. It interactively escorts El 48 players back from the current National Museum to one of the most formative events in Costa Rican history.

El 48 is the first virtual reality exhibit in any Costa Rican museum, and the first anywhere that viscerally takes the visitor through Costa Rican history, sensing the turbulent spirit of the age. No other medium can allow for such an immersive experience, conveying this transcendent story more richly to a new generation than ever before. 

A special preview of El 48 premiered at the National Museum of Costa Rica on December 1st, 1948 to commemorate the abolition of the military, in an event attended by President Carlos Alvarado. The full version of the VR experience is under development and will exhibit at the National Museum and the Lucha Sin Fin Museum, where the power of El 48 will inspire visitors to think about how they can improve their own countries, becoming force multipliers who will ultimately impact the entire world.

Learn more about this revolutionary new project at www.el48virtual.com.