The Game of Peace

A new mobile game delivers adventure while making history come alive.

Game Screenshot

Abolished! The Game of Peace is an educational twist on classic brick-breaking games. The free mobile game is inspired by the historic abolition of the Costa Rican armed forces and the iconic image forever attached to that event: Costa Rica’s visionary leader Don Pepe Figueres using a sledge hammer to knock down the walls of the country’s infamous military prison, Cuartel Bellavista. This year, Costa Rica celebrates the 70th anniversary of this important and decisive moment.

Pepe abolishes military - stone texture_colorized - ENGThe mobile game, currently in Beta, is part of the educational outreach for the award-winning First Lady of the Revolution documentary. “Storytelling shouldn’t be confined to one medium or platform,” says the film’s producer and director Andrea Kalin, “Since we are interested in engaging youth with a deep and meaningful experience, we decided to come up with a complement to the film that is interactive. A mobile game like Abolished! is a compelling way to teach history, create interdisciplinary connection and also have fun.”

Abolished! The Game of Peace was developed by Stone Soup Productions and Spark Media. The talented team hails from both the United States and Costa Rica.

The game can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store